Weight Loss Contest


  • Do you need motivation and accountability to lose weight?
  • Do you have a competitive nature?
  • Do you want to win $$$$$$?

Also known as the Biggest Loser Competition, this is one of our most successful weight loss motivators. In the most recent competition there was over 60kg lost among our competitors with a large prize pool of close to $800.

  • The contest is based on weight loss, but measurements will be taken also.
  • The winner will be the person who loses the greatest percent of his/her starting weight.
  • Entry fee is $50, ($10 for The Studio Members)
  • All money collected is put into a kitty for the winner (80%), second place (15%) and third place (5%) contestants.
  • Weigh ins are every¬†Wednesday at The Studio Community Health and Fitness Centre during open hours, 6am to 10am.
  • Start date is Monday the 1st of October 2018 (late entry available until the 8th October)
  • Final weigh in day is 17th December 2018 (so you will be ready for Christmas and summer holidays)
  • To motivate you, there is a fining system meaning that if you do not lose weight you have to pay ($5), and every 100 grams gained you also have to pay ($1 per 100 grams gained).

How to Enter: Come to see us at The Studio, 12 Scott Street, Cambridge (Leamington Domain) or call 027 296 6003 or e-mail julie@thestudio.org.nz

NEED EXTRA HELP: There is a supersized option where you will receive a eating plan, make a food diary and get it checked weekly. This extra option costs $100. (See Julie for more details)

For most people, weight loss is difficult. This is because 70% of weight loss is due to the choices we make around food and drinks. While exercise is essential in a weight loss programme, it is the eating that we must learn to control. There are thousands of opinions and fads around weight loss. But in the end, you simply must eat smaller portions and choose healthier foods. There is no long lasting, quick-fix to weight loss.

Who is going to take the competition out this time?

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