Stretching not only helps improve flexibility increasing range of motion, but it also decreases injury and helps muscle tightness from exercise.  Stretching can assist in correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas on the body away from their intended position, especially as more people are sitting at computers for long periods of time.

As the body ages, muscles can become tighter and range of motion in the joints can be minimized. A lack of flexibility can cause movement to become slower and less fluid, making an individual more susceptible to muscle strains or other soft tissue injuries. This can put a damper on active lifestyles and even hinder day-to-day, normal motions. An increase in flexibility is accompanied by improved balance and coordination.

Also, a build up of stress causes your muscles to contract, becoming tense. This tension can go on to have a negative impact on just about every part of your body. Like all types of exercise, flexibility exercises like stretching have powerful stress-busting abilities.

Health and fitness is as much about flexibility as it is about strength and fitness. We offer several options for relaxing and increasing flexibility. Our stretching classes are included in your membership and available to try any time!

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