Parkinsons Group

Hi! The Studio Community Health and Fitness in Cambridge are very proud to be the first organisation to run the Counterpunch Programme in the Waikato.  We have been running a Parkinsons Fitness Class since 2014 and are now extremely happy to be providing the Counterpunch Cambridge Programme to the area.  Our focus is on functional movements and strength, plus the advantage of cardiovascular fitness that comes with boxing to help fight Parkinson’s Disease.  We use freestanding boxing bags, focus pads, and provide boxing gloves.  We would love to help anyone with Parkinson’s Disease fight against it!


From Dick: Several members from the Cambridge Parkinson’s group attend The Studio Gym. Instructors Neal and Julie provide individual guidance and instruction on the use of the gym equipment and specific exercises for those with mobility issues.
All group members are benefiting from this essential exercise along with the individuals great sense of personal achievement in living with Parkinsons.

From Marion: (Start date 13th October 2016): Thanks to the gym I have increased my motivation for my fitness.  The exercises have already increased my leg strength – especially my ankles and balance.  The boxing is fun as well as a great workout and is improving my coordination.  Thank you to Julie and Neal for your enthusiasm and obvious research to devise the best exercises to help mitigare the Parkinson’s. The comradery that you engender is much appreciated.

From Heather: (Start date 27th April 2016): In April 2016 I was encouraged to attend this fitness centre as they held an exercise class for people who have neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s.  This has been invaluable for me.  I attend a group class now twice a week.  The first class is exercise with the use of a variety of activitied such as cycling, walking and strengthening exercises.  Julie is passionate about her work and makes the class interesting to enable us all to imprve our mobility and fitness and encourages us all to succeed.  It is a very friendly atmosphere.  The second class is held on a Friday and is called ‘Çounterpunch for Parkinsons’.  We are all motivated to improve our fitness by Julie and Neal who are dedicated Personal Trainers.  They have certainly assisted and encouraged me when training for a cycle race, as shown by the below photo I was successful in winning Silver and Bronze medals.  Julie and Neal run this fitness centre with passion and dedication and it is fun to be a part of this very friendly Health and Fitness Centre.

Classes are held twice a week every week of the year.

Parkinson’s Exercise Class is held Wednesdays at 10am

Counterpunch Boxing for Parkinsons is held Fridays at 10am


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